The Next Renaissance

Innovation by Creative Economy

Together it is all transformative

We are a European crew made of artists, academics, entrepreneurs! More than 60 European contributors and partners from the ICE Consortium, from all generations and from 15 countries, came together to give reasons for action and build a common place for culture, creativity, and innovation in Europe.

In these times of multiplicities of changes – despite or because – a novel type of change is taking shape. It is a transition that empowers a real movement, leaving behind hustling from one state to another: thinking more slowly, more deeply, more from a 360° perspective, and more caring beyond quick fixes. It is a compelling story mixing art, tech, and innovation. Together it is all transformative.

The Green Transformation “is not just an environmental or economic project: it needs to be a new cultural project for Europe”, as President Ursula von der Leyen stated in 2021, and therefore initiated the New European Bauhaus (NEB). Our project is dedicated and supportive to the vision and values of the New European Bauhaus.

This project presents makers and thinkers from the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries driving this novel shift towards better systems in technologies and organizations, in cities and businesses and the public realm: that is what we call ›The Next Renaissance‹.

We are proud to have published a book on ›The Next Renaissance‹, thanks to Odile Jacob Publishing (, and this webpage, on which we will continuously publish further contributions to debate and drive ›The Next Renaissance‹.

Our Chapters

Take a look into the making of the Next Renaissance
and discover it’s hidden flows and currents:

Chapter 1

Border Lines

Next worlds and futures have always been imaged – what if imaging my future is more reinventing our future, a common world – driven by people who voluntary leave their comfort zones and own worlds in a new radical way to solve challenges and create solutions for the world they want to live in – now? Inclusion and trans-disciplinarity are not suitcase words, it is the contrary: they are becoming a necessity for solutions of wicked, hyper complex problems. We have the cherry; we have the cake. We have the chicken; we have the egg. Well, we need all of them! This chapter highlight initiatives – beyond borders, beyond the lines, beyond what we believe, beyond what we expect. And the good news: it is so good to be on the edge to reinvent the routine.

Chapter 2

Space Odyssey

Change is happening over time and it does so in specific spaces – we all know iconic places of revolutions – but what if the societal concept of space is changing all together? These are the fundamental shifts a Renaissance is about – with the central perspective and two-dimensional surface, in the 21rst century with augmented, extended and hybrid realities. The concept of space is revolutionized – obviously by digitisation, but also – too often overlooked – by civil and societal trends. This chapter highlights some of the powerful makers of novel space the currently emerging resilient Europe might and will be built on.

Chapter 3

Stake of minds

Worlds are built on agreements: formal ones as manifested in organisations, social ones as known from habits and do’s & don´ts – and of course informal ones, to outsiders, hidden rules being the most powerful. Those rules change with time – nothing new. But what if these agreements, across Society as a whole, are floating – and Society is in search for its agreement on how to agree? The setting of rules is unsettled and a deep feeling of mistrust in organisations is growing, the sense of belonging lost – despite even increasing wealth and social security?! This chapter spotlights agreements, rules, values and organisations at stake in this multi-dimensional change. It brings out which thought models and visions can step in to give people – back again – guiding ideas or even tools to actively shape future – and not just endure the future.

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About the Next Renaissance Project

Together it is all transformative

The Next Renaissance is a movement and debate around the world that European stakeholders from the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) want to support and drive forward. To this end 50 partners collaborated since 2020 from across all sectors in the CCSI…


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