The Next Renaissance



In 2020, over 50 organisations from the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) joined forces around the idea that innovation and cross-innovation by the creative economy is the key to the future of Europe. 

The idea of The Next Renaissance came up as the consortium was preparing an application to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to call for a Knowledge Innovation Community for Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries.

The result was this collective adventure; one that gathered contributions from all over Europe and beyond. The Next Renaissance is a mix of talents from artists and writers, to academics, technologists and business people expressing their dreams for a creative and innovative Europe.

It is EIT Culture & Creativity’s immense privilege to support and move forward the Next Renaissance, and honour the work and enthusiasm of all who collaborated in its first stages. Future plans and activities are in preparation.

Stay tuned for The Next Renaissance.



We owe our deepest gratitude to:

· All authors participating in The Next Renaissance.
· Odile Jacob Publishing, for producing the book.
· The Editorial Board for curating the book contents: Hasan Bakhshi, Nico Degenkolb, Laure Kaltenbach, Charles Landry, Alejandra Panighi, Pier Luigi Sacco and Sebastian Turner.
· Albertine Meunier & Frederic Mit, for the Chicken & Egg images that illustrate the cover and backcover of the book.
· The amazing team formed by Lisa Reitinger, Aaron Eßelborn, Claudia Jericho, Johanna Breuckmann, Edward Beerbohm, Faustine Charles, Inès Saady, Matthias Hauser, Yannick Hofmann and Philipp Ziegler.
· The ICE Consortium partners.
· The  North-Rhine Westphalia Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy.
· The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
· The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action.
· The State Ministry of Culture and Media

Thank you!