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Podcast Society Transformation

Transformation & European-African cooperation- A podcast

Bethlehem Anteneh & Christoph Deeg

Game-thinking, Gamification and Digital Transformation experts

A podcast about Transformation & European-African cooperation

Bethlehem Anteneh and Christoph Deeg got to know each other during a workshop on the transformation of cities through game mechanics in Addis Ababa. This was the beginning of an intensive, international cooperation and a special mutual transformation process. In this podcast the two talk about their common path, their view of transformation and whether the European-African cooperation means special opportunities for transformation processes. It’s a podcast about transformation, gamification, cooperation, learning, failure and life.

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Bethlehem Anteneh

Game-thinking expert and Founder of BlueLeaf and PlayLab

Bethlehem Anteneh is a game-thinking expert with an architectural design background who uses games as tools to design environments, frameworks and processes that elevate human perception, experience and problem-solving-instinct. In this field, she has worked by managing various projects, conducting workshops, speaking/talks, and designing platforms with partners, organizations and universities internationally in 25+ countries around Africa and Europe being invited in happenings such as Gamescom Congress, AmazeBerlin, DeutscheWelle, Electronic Arts, ZKM-Karlsruhe, etc. After being the Game-Thinking Lead in 15 African countries on the project ‚EnterAfrica-Gamify Your City Future!‘ with the Goethe-Institut, she’s currently consulting the GIZ on learning experience design (LX) and curating the first of its kind gaming convention in Addis Abeba with the Goethe-Institut amongst other major projects such as ‚LUtopia: Rethinking the City of Ludwigshafen‘. She had co-founded an international and national play-based networks and companies such as ‚Chewata-Awaqi‘ and recently founded BlueLeaf & PlayLab; an entity bringing together GAME-Thinking, ART-thinking, and FUTURES-Thinking.


Christoph Deeg

Consultant and Speaker for the topics of Digital Transformation, Gamification & playful participation

Christoph Deeg describes himself as a “designer of the digital-analog living space”. He is a consultant and speaker for the topics of digital transformation, gamification and playful participation. In this context, he advises and supports national and international companies and organizations in the development of comprehensive and sustainable overall digital-analog strategies. He also deals with the strategic use of gamification, for example in the context of digital transformation processes, urban development or the development of digital-analog cultural strategies. Another focus of his work is the development of participation processes using analog and digital games or game models. The basic idea behind his work is the idea that digitization is not essentially about technologies, but about people with their individual digital-analog realities.