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Art for an inclusive Renaissance

Vera Chisvo

Founder of the Creative Hub Incubator ZW Moto Republik, Harare

Art for an inclusive Renaissance: How Art can change narratives to include persons with disabilities

A podcast on the Nyakasikana Project in Zimbabwe

Vera Chisvo created a short podcast with the Tamba Africa Social Circus (TASC) on their NYAKASIKANA project, which is about using art to change the narratives of persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe.

»The Tamba Africa Social Circus (TASC) is a creative advocacy and inclusive arts initiative using intangible cultural heritage to address social issues affecting young people from marginalised communities. Their program NYAKASIKANA is a creative and inclusive culture action project for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls through women-centered leadership development. It seeks to equip girls and young women from marginalised communities (especially those with disabilities) with leadership, autonomy and other critical life and social skills through culture, inclusive arts and social circus tools. Social circus provides spaces for girls to freely explore their women-centered power, express themselves, build personal, functional and knowledge-based skills, and engage in gender artivism campaigns on issues that are important and real to them. NYAKASIKANA’s mission is ›Leadership for sustainable change and creation of creative spaces where gender justice goals can be realized‹.« (Quote by Tamba Africa Social Circus, Info Brochure)

More Info on the work of Tasc


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2019 CircAbility production ›Finding Your Feet – Raising Your Voice‹, Copyright: Siyano Media

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International Day of the Girl Child 2020, Copyright: Halema Mekani

Download the Podcast

Listen to Vera Chisvo’s Podcast on Art for an inclusive renaissance and the Nyakasikana Project by downloading the MP3 file.

Download the Info Brochure

Read more about the work of the Tamba Africa Social Circus in their info brochure.


Vera Chisvo

Founder of the Creative Hub Incubator ZW Moto Republik, Harare

Maria Kudakwashe Chisvo has built a brand in music and is more popularly known as Vera. Vera has actively been in the music industry for 8 years. Her career has granted her the opportunity to travel both regionally and internationally. Vera has worked as an arts administrator for over 5 years from working accreditation at Harare’s biggest arts festival to managing the very first creative hub in Zimbabwe, Moto Republik. Throughout her career she has worked as a project officer at one of the longest running arts development organizations Pamberi Trust, and was responsible for running the Female Literary Arts and Music Enterprise that trained multiple female artists in Zimbabwe and has also worked as a project manager for Zimbabwe’s first hip hop dance festival Jibilika. Vera has also founded her own hub called Incubator ZW which focuses on creating art that inspires change and changes the narratives of minorities. She is also the founder and co-host of Her Hour Podcast which is a platform for young Zimbabweans to freely express themselves. Vera has over two years experience of working as a guest facilitator at LGBTQ+ trainings.

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